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About Us

Hi Everyone!
Welcome to Nurseology! Combined with over 20 years of healthcare experience, we are a company that sells products designed by nurses, for nurses based in Austin, Texas.  We offer fun cotton socks, compression socks, badge holders, and cozy clever nursing t-shirts designed uniquely by us! Drawing from our own nursing experience, we have also written various books designed to help you navigate assorted nursing specialties and career milestones within the nursing profession.
To make things a little more exciting, we have created an online community and blog component of Nurseology – Nurse Tribe. Carefully curated to educate and inspire, Nurse Tribe seeks to connect and empower nurses through social media, continuing education, and online material. You can check Nurse Tribe!
It is our hope to energize the nursing community by  selling cool products, providing engaging content, and sharing our experiences throughout our own nursing journey’s.
Jill & Kate